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07:48:30, Sunday, 20 Aug 2017
A delegation from Finland and The Nethelands Visited UNDOF

On the 22 Sep 2016 a two (2) member delegation from The Netherlands led by Lt Col Lengkeek and a four (4) member delegation from Finland led by Lt Col Tero Koljonen visited UNDOF.

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Log Batt Medal Parade

Members of Logbatt proudly received their UNDOF service medal from the DFC Brig Gen Mauri Tapani Koskela during a Military Ceremony in Camp Ziouani. This medal acknowledges valuable service and selfless commitment to peace in the Golan Heights.

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Nepalese Medal Parade

On the 30th August 2016 the Nepalese contingent received their UNDOF service medal from HoM/FC Maj Gen Jai Shanker Menon during a military parade in Nepbatt Headquarters in the Golan Heights. Their UNDOF service medal recognises steadfast dedication and devotion to duty through challenging times.

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Fiji Batt Hand over / Take over

HoM/FC Maj Gen Jai Shanker Menon supervised the Hand Over-Take Over of the 4th Fijian Battalion from Lt Col Seremaia Tuikoro to Lt Col Daunivakasala Ravunakana on the 29th August 2016. The Fijian Contingent started their rotation on the 15 August 2016 which lasted for a few weeks. This is a challenging process which requires solid management and competent planning to ensure that operational effectiveness is maintained in all UNDOF's positions throughout this period.

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Log Batt Hand Over / Take Over

The Indian Contingent completed their Hand Over / Take Over in a ceremony in Camp Ziouani on the 21 August 2016 from Lt Col Vivek Choudhary to Lt Col Vinay Kumar Gautam supervised by the DFC Brig Gen Mauri Tapani Koskela. This Unit rotation involves a period of intense planning, coordination, discussion, induction and knowledge transfer in order to ensure the new arrivals are ready for their UNDOF challenge.

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Regional Force Commanders Conference

The Regional Force Commander’s Conference (RFCC) took place in Camp Ziouani (CZ) from the 19th to the 21st of October 2015. The conference was attended by the Force Commander (FC) UNDOF, COS UNTSO, FC UNIFIL and FC UNFICYP.

Additionally, representatives from the Department of Peacekeeping Operations, the Office of Military Affairs as well as senior political, mission support, operations and security officers of the respective missions were in attendance. Twenty five (25) other personnel (including the visiting FCs) were also present at CZ for the duration of the conference.

UNDOF facilitated the hosting of the RFCC on Alpha Side at CZ in order to provide a platform for the exchange of information and development of relationships between the four (4) UN Middle Eastern Region Missions.

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