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07:46:20, Sunday, 20 Aug 2017
The FC/HoM Maj Gen Jai Shanker Menon lays the wreath for those peacekeepers that have fallen during their UN missions.
The Commanding Officer LOGBATT, LtCol S. Haryal launched the UNDOF sports competition on behalf of the FC UNDOF at Camp Ziouani on Friday 7th February 2014 with the theme ‘Uniting UNDOF in Passion and Excellence”. Teams proudly marched onto the parade ground in colorful contingent PT Kits as part of the opening ceremony of the occasion. HQ UNDOF, PHILBATT, LOGBATT and FIJIBATT were represented at the UNDOF Sports Festival which included the tug-of-war, obstacle course, one-man carry and bus push. The events were organized by the UNDOF Welfare Officer with the kind assistance of LOGBATT.  
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Philippine Secretary of National Defense, Honorable Voltaire T Gazmin visited the 7th Philippine contingent serving with UNDOF at Camp Ziouani on Wednesday 29th January 2014. He was accompanied by the Under Secretary for Defense Affairs, Honorable Natalio ECARMA III the former UNDOF Force Commander.

Mr Gazmin had an audience with Force Commander UNDOF followed by information brief prepared by the Philippine Contingent. Though the one day visit was quite hectic, it was a memorable one marked by the unveiling of the monument of the 7th Philippine Contingent serving in the Golan Heights with the United Nations Disengagement Observer force.

Mr Gazmin and his delegation also visited position 22, position 51 and Mount Bental during his line tour and later departed at 1600 hours the same day.

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The UNDOF Joint Operations Centre conducted a shelter exercise on Wednesday 29 January 2014. All members of UNDOF at Camp Faouar including military, international and national staffs and UNTSO rushed to their designated shelters to await further instructions from JOC. The exercise was completed when the assessment officers submitted their report to JOC. The training aims at creating and maintaining uniform standards in the use of bunkers as safe haven and in view with its sequence of events followed accordingly based on SOP guidance and criteria. All personnel were later allowed to return to their areas of responsibilities and continue with their work.

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The first United Nations Disengagement Observer Force Medical Forum for 2014 was conducted at Camp Faouar on Tuesday 28th January 2014 organized by the Force Medical Officer (FMO). The forum was attended by Senior Medical Officers from Fijibatt, Philbatt, Logbatt and the Irecon Dr at Camp Faouar. They were accompanied by their medical staffs.

They discussed medical issues regarding UNDOF medical facilities, medical services, medical supplies and challenges. UNDOF Chief of Integrated Support Services, Mr G.M. Bukley , who was the guest speaker told members of the forum that it was important to provide the best medical response in accordance with the resources available.

The FMO’s presentation included issues regarding the UNDOF Medical SOP 2013 and the importance of submission of reports. Members of the forum also agreed that it was important for Battalion SMOs to coordinate and work together in light of the mission’s motto ‘One Mission, One Goal, One Team’.

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Department of Peacekeeping Operations, Asia/Middle East Regional Director, Ms Izumi Nakamitsu visited United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) over the period 17 and 18 January 2014.

Ms Nakamitsu was greeted on arrival by the Head of Mission / Force Commander UNDOF, Lieutenant General Gen Iqbal Singh Singha. Over the two day visit she was briefed on developments in the mission since her last visit to UNDOF in May 2013.

Ms Nakamitsu participated in a line tour of selected UNTSO and UNDOF positions in the UNDOF area of operations including OP 51, OP 52 and Position 22.

On completion of the briefs on Saturday 18 January, Ms Nakamitsu travelled to Lebanon to visit the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon. 

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January 8th 2014 – Nine students who graduated from the University of Damascus crossed over from Bravo to Alpha Gates on Wednesday 8th January. The crossing was organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross and facilitated by UNDOF Liaison, Military Police and medical staff under guidance of UNDOF Deputy Chief Liaison and Protocol Officer, Major Viliame Draunibaka.  The extended crossing was a double celebration for the students who had finally graduated after seven year of medical study and were also being reunited with their families.

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