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19:36:06, Wednesday, 23 Aug 2017
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UNDOF assists ICRC in students crossing

September 04, 2013 – On 21 August, 2013 UNDOF assisted ICRC to facilitate the safe crossing of 35 students of the druze community from A - side to B- side.

In addition to monitoring the passage of students, the Indian Logistic Battalion provided a vehicle to transport students’ luggage from A-Gate to B-Gate. The UNDOF medical team was on hand to assist if necessary; and the Military Police coordinated with ICRC and liaison officers on both sides of the gate.

The scene at A-side/B-side gate was not the usual quiet and calm, but was rather noisy and busy with families and friends crowded outside the gate to bid loved ones goodbye. Tears flowed as the students began the crossing process. “My parents are on one side, the University is on the other side, and I am here in the middle,” said one of the students. “Although we will be neighbors we will not be able to see each other for another year,” he added.

The students were headed to Damascus University to study different programs; most of them to study medicine. A few of the students who were on their final year had been crossing to and from for the last seven years. Once they complete their studies they will have to choose where they will practice medicine.


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