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16:47:08, Saturday, 28 Nov 2015
Brigadier-General (Brig.Gen) Randell Ogden, Deputy Director Joint Staff J5 (Global Policy and Partnerships) led a six (6) member USA delegation to visit UNDOF on the 4th of November 2015.

The purpose of their visit was to engage senior leadership in order to understand operational challenges and opportunities for Middle East peace operations, foster cross talk with senior U.S and UN military leaders and also to refine understanding of regional dynamics and the role of UN operations.
Force Commander MFO Major General Denis Thompson led a five (5) member MFO delegation to visit UNDOF and UNTSO from the 21st to the 22nd of OCTOBER 2015. The purpose of their visit is to conduct a familiarization tour of UNDOF, and develop regional information sharing relations.

The UNDOF hosted the visit of the MFO delegation on Alpha Side in order to increase the MFO’s Situation Awareness (SA) of the UNDOF’s Area of Operation (AOR), and develop information sharing lines of communication.

Regional Force Commanders Conference
The Regional Force Commander’s Conference (RFCC) took place in Camp Ziouani (CZ) from the 19th to the 21st of October 2015. The conference was attended by the Force Commander (FC) UNDOF, COS UNTSO, FC UNIFIL and FC UNFICYP.
Additionally, representatives from the Department of Peacekeeping Operations, the Office of Military Affairs as well as senior political, mission support, operations and security officers of the respective missions were in attendance. Twenty five (25) other personnel (including the visiting FCs) were also present at CZ for the duration of the conference.
UNDOF facilitated the hosting of the RFCC on Alpha Side at CZ in order to provide a platform for the exchange of information and development of relationships between the four (4) UN Middle Eastern Region Missions.
UNDOF and FAO collectively conducted the fire drill exercise on 30 July 2015 at the UNDOF HQ located at Sheraton hotel, Damascus, Syria. The entire international, national and military Staff of both organizations was activity involve in the exercise, which was formally opened by the Head of Mission/Force Commander Maj Gen. Purna Chandra Thapa by an opening address, stressing the important and requirement of such kind of exercise and his priority concern on the security and protection of all the UN personnel.

The exercise was led by UNDOF security team and assisted by FAO security team, which was divided into two phase. First phase consist of briefing done by Mr. Jose Madureira, Security Officer UNDOF, which focused mainly on the cycle of fire, immediate action during fire, utilization of fire extinguisher, prevention and precaution measures of fire, fire drill movement regulation. Second Phase followed by the conducted of controlled fire drill exercise for the all the participators. The exercise was completed with the assembly of the entire participator at the allotted Fire Assembly Point.

Three Military staff officers from Czech Republic have joined UNDOF; Lt Col Pavel Polan, Major Roman Furst and Lt Radek Zlamal in UNDOF as Chief Military Training Cell, Staff Officer Training and Staff Officer ITO respectively. On 8th June 2015, the Head of Mission and Force Commander Major General Purna Chandra Thapa welcomed two Czech Officers in Camp Ziouani. The third officer, Lt Col Pavel Polan is currently inducting in Bravo side.

During the meeting, the FC expressed his gladness of their arrival in the mission and applauded the government of Czech Republic for contributing a three member contingent to UNDOF. This has made total of seven troops contributing countries in UNDOF.

Finally highlighting that his induction in UNDOF is a momentous event for both UNDOF and Czech Republic, FC wished Czech Officers a successful mission in UNDOF and a happy stay in Golan.
On 1st July 2015, the Head of Mission and Force Commander Major General Purna Chandra Thapa welcomed Major Sonam Tsering from Bhutan in UNDOF, who joined UNDOF as Deputy Force Provost Marshal on 14th June 2015.

During the meeting, Major Tsering conveyed the best wishes of His Majesty the King of Bhutan, Royal Government and the Armed Forces of Bhutan to the HoM & FC for the success of UNDOF mission under his leadership. The FC - responding to Major Tsering thanked for the wishes of his Majesty, Royal Government and the Armed forces of Bhutan, and applauded them for committing to be the sixth troop contributing country in UNDOF amongst present contributors. Bhutan’s first participation in UN peacekeeping operations started in September 2014, when one military observer was deployed in UNTSO.

Maj Tsering also presented the National flag of Bhutan to FC, as a mark of representation of Bhutan in UNDOF. Finally highlighting that his induction in UNDOF is a momentous event for both UNDOF and Bhutan, FC wished Maj Tsering a successful mission in UNDOF and a happy stay in Golan.
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