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19:37:08, Wednesday, 23 Aug 2017
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UNDOF celebrates United Nations Day

October 24, 2013 - The United Nations Disengagement Force (UNDOF) today celebrated the 68th anniversary of the United Nations with a joint military parade by peacekeepers from Fiji, Philippines, India, Ireland and Nepal in Camp Faouar. Also present, were the civilian staffs of UNDOF who turned up in numbers to participate in such an auspicious occasion.

The highlight of the parade was the laying of wreaths for its 54 fallen comrades who had served under the UN banner in UNDOF. The wreaths were laid by the; Force Commander, Deputy Force Commander, Acting Chief Mission Support, Chief Liaison Protocol Officer and the Commanding Officers of the troop contributing countries.

In his address to the parade, the Force Commander, Lieutenant General Iqbal Singh Singha emphasized the importance of the UN Peacekeeping missions in keeping the peace in the Middle East region. In remembering the fallen comrades, he mentioned that peacekeeping was not easy and that everyone had to carry out their peacekeeping tasks in the best possible manner.



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