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19:23:25, Wednesday, 23 Aug 2017
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The first United Nations Disengagement Observer Force Medical Forum for 2014 was conducted at Camp Faouar on Tuesday 28th January 2014 organized by the Force Medical Officer (FMO). The forum was attended by Senior Medical Officers from Fijibatt, Philbatt, Logbatt and the Irecon Dr at Camp Faouar. They were accompanied by their medical staffs.

They discussed medical issues regarding UNDOF medical facilities, medical services, medical supplies and challenges. UNDOF Chief of Integrated Support Services, Mr G.M. Bukley , who was the guest speaker told members of the forum that it was important to provide the best medical response in accordance with the resources available.

The FMO’s presentation included issues regarding the UNDOF Medical SOP 2013 and the importance of submission of reports. Members of the forum also agreed that it was important for Battalion SMOs to coordinate and work together in light of the mission’s motto ‘One Mission, One Goal, One Team’.

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