Japanese troops say Good Bye forever

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14 Jan 2013

Japanese troops say Good Bye forever

January 13, 2013 – After 17 years deployment within UNDOF the Japanese Contingent (J-CON) left the UN mission on a sunny Sunday morning forever.

The whole contingent, led by the National Contingent Commander Maj Fumihiro Kayanuma, marched out from the main gate of Camp Ziouani with a farewell by Indian, Austrian, Croatian and Philippines UNDOF-Peacekeepers as well as representatives of the civilian staff. The decision to leave UNDOF was made by the Japanese government on 21 December 2012. The end of their mission was ordered due to the deteriorating situation in Syria.

In his farewell speech the Commanding Officer and National Contingent Commander of J-CON, Maj Fumihiro Kayanuma highlighted, that over a period of 17 years the Japanese Contingents have been proud to carry out its tasks as prideful members of UNDOF. This has been a great honor for Japan's Self Defense Force, too. "On the ground, over 1.500 Japanese soldiers had a chance to create universal bonds of friendship and alliance that are their extraordinary, personal assets. I believe that these relationships will strengthen and rise above the tests of time," he said. Afterwards all J-CON soldiers marched out saying Good Bye to the UNDOF mission.

From 1995 until January 2013, 34 Japanese Contingents were dispatched fulfilling logistic tasks such as cargo shipment, road work and recovery. For their professional commitment, J-CON was always a high valued and appreciated contributor to UNDOF.

J-CON - we will miss you! Arigato!