Head of Mission and Force Commander Lieutenant General Nirmal Kumar Thapa, UNDOF

Lieutenant General Nirmal Kumar Thapa joined UNDOF as the Head of Mission and Force Commander on 15th September 2022. Lieutenant General Nirmal Kumar Thapa, NDC, PSC, was born in Lalitpur, Nepal. The General officer joined the Nepali Army as an Officer Cadet in 1987 A.D. He was commissioned into Nepali Army as Second Lieutenant and joined Pashupati Prasad Battalion in 1988 A.D.

During his illustrious career, the General Officer has completed various professional courses, both at home and abroad, among which to mention a few are National Defense College-Bangladesh, Higher Command and Management Course-Nepal, Army Command and Staff College-Nepal, and Comprehensive Crisis Management Course-USA. Furthermore, he has participated in seminars abroad regarding Multinational Force Standard Ops Procedure in Malaysia, Colombo Defense Seminar in Sri Lanka and Workshop on ICRC-International Rules Governing Military Operations (SWIRMO) in Russia, Senior Strategic Leadership program in the UK. On the academic front, he holds a Master's Degree in Security and Development Studies from the Bangladesh University of Professionals.

The General Officer has contributed immensely to the Global Peace Effort with deployment throughout several United Nations Peace Missions. He had served as a Platoon Commander in UNPROFOR Mission in former Yugoslavia, Logistic Coy Commander Officer in UNIFIL in Lebanon, JOC Operation Officer in UNMEE- Ethiopia & Eretria, and Military Observer in MONUSCO-DR Congo.

Lieutenant General Thapa, with over 36 (thirty-six) years of service and with immense experience, is decorated by the prestigious SUPRABAL JANA SEWA SHREE (III), GORKHA DAKSHINBAHU (IV).  He is happily married to Mrs. Muna Thapa and the couple is blessed with two sons.