Ambassadors and Military Attachés Day

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14 Nov 2012

Ambassadors and Military Attachés Day

November 9, 2012 – After more than one year the Ambassadors and Military Attachés accredited to A-Side were again invited to UNDOF.

This event including a situational and operational update for the diplomatic corps has been a tradition in UNDOF for many years. 34 honorable guests were received by the Force Commander UNDOF, MGen I. S. Singha, at the Indian Officers Mess in Camp Ziouani and had the opportunity to encounter and exchange with UNDOF Officers. At the Khetarpal Hall the Force Commander gave his welcome address and introduced the visitors into the overall situation about UNDOF. He stressed the key pillars of the mission, highlighted that in pursuit of excellence UNDOF do not compromise the safety and security of our peacekeepers.

The morning continued by a briefing of COO UNDOF, LtCol Robert Glanner. He provided a detailed UNDOF briefing focusing on the latest incidents and activities as well as on possible future UNDOF developments. The briefing was followed by open discussions and a question and answering session with the Force Commander.

After lunch the guests were taken by bus to different spots like UNTSO Observation Post 51 for an introduction briefing, Mount Bental for a terrain overview and the A-Gate for a short introduction of the crossing procedures. At the end of the event the honorable guests left UNDOF with a better understanding of the many accomplishments, difficulties and challenges faced by the UNDOF-Peacekeepers.