Croatian Contingent leaves UNDOF

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19 Mar 2013

Croatian Contingent leaves UNDOF

March 17, 2013 – Croatian Contingent (HRVCON) leaves UNDOF after almost five-year deployment within Austrian Battalion.

Due to a political decision by its government, the Croatian Contingent withdrew from UNDOF on Sunday. Under the command of the National Contingent Commander Maj Mile Vukicević, the farewell ceremony started in the morning in Camp Faouar at parade square with striking the Croatian national flag. At afternoon a moving medal parade was celebrated in Khetarpal Hall in Camp Ziouani with 97 HRVCON members. In his farewell speech, Maj Vukicević thanked his superiors for the leadership and comradeship and his soldiers for a job well done. He highlighted the excellent cooperation and camaraderie especially with the Austrian Battalion (AUSBATT) under the motto: "One mission, one team, one goal!"

Then all Croatian soldiers were honored with the UNDOF Medal by the Croatian Ambassador to the State of Israel Mr. Pjer Simunovic, BGen Ivan Jurić from General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces, COS UNDOF Col Cirilito Sobejana and LtCol Paul Schneider, CO AUSBATT.

In June 2008 Croatia has taken over responsibility of the 3rd Company AUSBATT from Slovakia as well as staffing positions in HQ UNDOF. December 2012 has witnessed the first Croatian to take the helm of branch head in UNDOF, when LtCol Predrag Popovic held office as CMPO.