NEPCON arrives at UNDOF

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12 Aug 2013

NEPCON arrives at UNDOF

August 6, 2013 - NEPCON is now one of the newest members of UNDOF upon arrival into the Golan Heights on 19th July 2013.

They come with history of glorious participation in UN missions which spans over 53 years and covers 37 different UN missions. Currently, the Nepal Army participates in 11 different missions involving 3656 soldiers, making them one of the largest troops contributing country. Recently NEPBATT celebrated its completion of 34 years in UNIFIL mission. Such is their experience as peacekeepers.

Under short notice NEPCON arrived to contribute in UNDOF with 130 soldiers. These soldiers were had been serving with the NEPBATT UNIFIL for the last 4 months. NEPCON comprises of two infantry companies and a forward medical team. One company is deployed at Mt Hermon as 1st company and is under OPCON with the FIJIBATT and the other company is deployed at Camp Faour as FHQ Reserve Company.

Maj Rajan Dahal who is the Officer in Command and Acting Contingent Commander has officially taken over from Capt Lazaro D. Quigao JR, Officer in Command 4th Company PHILBATT on 23rd July2013. 'We are happy to be part of UNDOF. It is both an opportunity and a challenge for us,' said Maj Rajan Dahal he took over command.