Students crossings after summer holidays

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12 Oct 2012

Students crossings after summer holidays

October 11 and 23, 2012 – 37 students living on the A-Side crossed from A to B-Side after their summer vacation on 11 October 2012..

As always, the crossing procedure was assisted by UNDOF and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). UNDOF soldiers of LOGBATT and PHILBATT provided logistical support to the students particularly on the luggage transport.

In an interview, the students told to SOPR, Capt Ekkehard Gröppel, that they are studying medicine and pharmacy at the University of Damascus. UNDOF was also represented by the CLPIO, LtCol Dennis G. Gammad and the acting LO-B Maj Fernando Ventura, who supervised all the administrative matters. In addition to that, UNDOF Military Police controlled all traffic and ensured a smooth execution of the crossing procedure which lasted about an hour.

On 23 October three students crossed from A- to B-Side and eleven students from B- to A-Side.