UNDOF Medical Exercise 08 MAR 18

FRC Emergency First Responders administer medical aid to an injured party

FRC Medical Staff conducting triage of patients

FB Medical Staff observing and directing medical procedures

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8 Mar 2018

UNDOF Medical Exercise 08 MAR 18

On 08 MAR 18, UNDOF Force Medical Officer (FMO) conducted a medical emergency contingency operation for UNDOF personnel based on the Alpha side. This exercise was conducted in Camp Ziouani and incorporated members of the Force Reserve Company (Ireland), Logbatt (India) and Fiji Batt. The exercise scenario was built around a number of casualties in various locations with different medical category conditions and emergencies. The aim of the exercise was to practice medical staff, emergency first aid responders and contingent troops on triage, application of treatment and medevac/ casevac drills.