UNDOF provides humanitarian assistance

13 Jan 2012

UNDOF provides humanitarian assistance

November 03, 2011 - Love finds its way even between lovers of a folk separated by war within the UNDOF Area of Separation (AOS) here in the Golan Heights. A tale of love and humanity - marriage between the lines.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), UNDOF, and the Mission's host governments worked together to facilitate a marriage request between two sets of couple from Druze communities living separated by the ceasefire line in the Golan Heights last November.

LOGBATT prepared the venue and PHILBATT medical team was on standby at the wedding site. The day's activity started in fine weather but later changed as rain showered heavily and extreme cold wind from the peak of Mt. Hermon started to blow. In this nasty weather, the activity pushed through moving the venue inside the UNDOF Military Police Detachment's receiving room.

The scene is very romantic as the first bride in her beautiful white wedding gown walked with her family and friends amidst rain towards the MP checkpoint called Charlie Gate, a place neutral of dispute. Tears of bliss and happiness gently poured from the eyes of the wedding couple and their families. The groom, his family, the ICRC and UN personnel were waiting for the bride at the gate. Hugs and kisses from the lovers and their separated families and relatives enveloped the place; it is a spectacular scene of love and hope. The matrimony was simple; the two couples consecutively shared their marriage vows. It was a sweet moment, and seemingly a reunion of relatives. The Force Commander, MGen Natalio C. Ecarma III joined the ceremony and extended his congratulations to the newly wed couples.