‘Apple Crossing’ assisted by UNDOF

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7 Mar 2013

‘Apple Crossing’ assisted by UNDOF

March 5, 2013 – After more than a year of halt, UNDOF resumed its usual role in Apple Crossing in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross.

An eight-year-tradition continued when a range of ICRC trucks transferred apples from A-Gate to B-Side. The procedure was supervised by LtCol Dennis G. Gammad, CLPIO UNDOF together with Ms. Biljana Milošević, Deputy Head of Delegation, ICRC.

Within the next three months 18.000 tons of apples such as Golden Delicious and Starking Delicious, will be transferred across the border. With assistance of UNDOF Military Police in coordination and traffic management, all apple boxes were carefully delivered to B-Side. The ICRC and UNDOF peacekeepers were well prepared to assist in this important operation.

The first apple crossing in UNDOF's history took place in 2005, when 4.000 tons were transferred. It was the first of its kind in 31 years of no trading activities between Syria and Israel.