Change of Command for Phillipine Battalion

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27 Dec 2013

Change of Command for Phillipine Battalion

December 26, 2013 – In a simple traditional turn-over of command ceremony, between the 6th Philippine Contingent to Golan Height (PCGH) and the 7th PCGH, both out-going and the in-coming commander bid each other welcome and farewell at the formation grounds on 05 December, 2013.

The 7th PCGH is composed of Three Hundred Thirty Two (332) men and women of the 80th Infantry Battalion of the 2nd Infantry Division of the Philippine Army with its Commander Lt Col Ted Dumosmog who at the same time is the commander for the 7th contingent. The incoming PHILBATT arrived through Beirut International Airport, Lebanon and traversed the borders of Lebanon and Syria then through the Syrian border and Israel. They will occupy Golan Heights under the UNDOF banner for a period of six months, subject to extension, to a maximum of one year.

The contingent has 332 individuals with 13 females. There are three doctors, 2 male and a female as well as three nurses, a male and two females and one priest.

With the accomplishment of the 6th PCGH, Col Dumosmog said, that it will be easier for them to continue with their mission because of a job well done by their predecessor. He also expressed appreciation to the United Nations (UN) for their continued trust and confidence to the Filipino soldiers. In view of that best efforts and confidence, Dumosmog assures their full cooperation to their foreign counterparts in the mission area and to fully support the Force Commander of UNDOF.