FC's message regarding the current situation

25 Jul 2012

FC's message regarding the current situation

July 23, 2012 - UNDOF is an impartial Observer Force. UNDOF will carry out its mandate according to the UN Security Council Resolution 350.

UNDOF will strictly adhere to the implementation of the mandate and not interfere or involve itself in the internal affairs of Syria. UNDOF's credibility on both sides is based on its impartiality and ability to effectively implement its mandate.

Closely monitoring the security situation in and around the area of responsibility, UNDOF is prepared to act immediately with respect to force protection measures to ensure the safety of its military and civilian staff. We will continue with our mandate to monitor, observe and report in our area of responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Question 1:
What is the situation in Syria like?

MGen Ecarma III:
UNDOF is aware of the political and security situation in Syria and is closely monitoring the developments with respect to its area of responsibility. UNDOF does not comment on the general situation in accordance with the mandate and the impartiality imposed on us to fulfill the mandate.

Question 2:
Is there an immediate threat to UNDOF?

MGen Ecarma III:
UNDOF has already observed drastic changes in the security situation in its area of responsibility and is aware of the events and incidents especially in the northern part of the Area of Separation and in the southern part of the Area of Limitation. Some minor threats against UNDOF have been received but none have been acted on.

Question 3:
What will be the reaction of the Force, if UNDOF is – by any means – drawn into events not covered by its mandate?

MGen Ecarma III:
UNDOF has already taken care to prevent such events from happening. If by coincidence a situation not covered yet arises, a mechanism is in place to immediately act on it and make sure that the mandate is not compromised. UNDOF will not comment on these measures imposed.

Question 4:
Is UNDOF prepared to prevent actions against its personnel?

MGen Ecarma III:
UNDOF closely monitors the overall situation in its area of responsibility and our immediate surroundings and has taken the necessary measures for force protection. These measures are adjusted to the current threat level and include all actions to be taken to protect its military, international and local civilian staff. Logistics and communications matters are taken into account as well.