UNDOF‘s 38th Birthday

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28 Jul 2012

UNDOF‘s 38th Birthday

June 14, 2012 – Marking 38 years of peace keeping in the Golan Region, the UNDOF Day was celebrated by all at Camp Faouar.

The celebration also recognized the International Day of UN-Peacekeepers and supported the Philippine Contingent in celebrating the Philippine Independence Day.
It began with a prayer offered by the PHILBATT Chaplain, followed by a moment of silence observed by about 300 guests and UNDOF members, in memory of more than 2.900 UN-Peacekeepers who have given their lives in the service of Peace. Then an international performance show started with the Croatians who showed a traditional Bećarac folk song. From there an Austrian Rescue on the Mountain display was skillfully executed by mountain experienced soldiers from 1st Coy AUSBATT.

The Philippine Contingent offered some very entertaining dances called Pasiguin (or fishnet dance) and Sayaw sa Bangko (or dance on a bench), both exciting and engaging performances for the entertainment of all. Keeping the momentum going, the Indian Contingent presented to the crowd the very colorful and musical Bhangra folk dance from Punjab and the Lazim Karagattam folk dance from Tamil Nadu. Afterwards it followed the Japanese Kenbu sword dance and a thrilling Karate demonstration, showing true Japanese expertise. Following a Filipino Arnis martial arts demonstration, a performance of the traditional Filipino Tinikling dance was then shown.

The finale of the program was an amazing live-performance of a traditional Middle Eastern Whirling Dervish. Finally the Force Commander thanked all performers and helpers who were engaged in preparation of this day.
Enjoying furthermore the excellent national food of each contingent, this day closed as a priceless event and a truly international affair.