FC's Statement from July 25th 2016

24 Oct 2013

FC's Statement from July 25th 2016

The United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) was established on 31 May 1974 and it is a great honor for me to assume the leadership of this UN mission on the 15 March 2016 at a very challenging period in UNDOFs existence.

I would like to acknowledge the professionalism of the people in UNDOF who are the forces greatest enabler and asset in ensuring the force continues to be effective in achieving its mission in a manner that reflects the highest values of the United Nations.

The Observer Group Golan deserve acknowledgement for their highly effective contributions. OGG has proved to be a very important asset to the mission and continues to remain a critical component of UNDOF’s operation.

UNDOF is very appreciative of the efforts of the National Staffs from both sides who have been our hosts and have accepted and supported the UNDOF mandate in good faith for more than four decades. It is essential that UNDOF maintains impartiality and upholds the highest UN values which compliments integrity and is critical to maintain the confidence of our hosts.

Moving from reconfiguration to redeployment phase will present many challenges ahead which will require knowledge, experience and skill. I would like to thank all contributing countries for their continued support and for providing professional woman and men of immense talent to serve in the Golan. The situation in our area of operation continues to be very fluid; therefore we need to be very vigilant, alert and ready to deliver optimum effort in the performance of our duties. UNDOF has adopted the ‘One Mission, One Team, One Goal’ motto to align personnel to the implementation of its mandate, in monitoring the 1974 cease fire agreement. I would like to reinforce this motto and build its foundations to ensure that all personnel are focused on UNDOF’s objectives.

I am very appreciative of the welcome and greeting I have received since my arrival in UNDOF and I am focused on providing the strategic guidance and operational leadership to ensure that UNDOF continues to be effective in implementing its mandate while always maintaining a strong focus on the safety and security of all UNDOF personnel.

As your Force Commander I look forward to working with you to enhance peace and security in the Golan.