Force Commander's Visit To NEPCON IX and Mount Hermon, 03 Feb 2021

Lt Gen Ishwar Hamal is given an orientation brief by OC NEPCON
4 Feb 2021

Force Commander's Visit To NEPCON IX and Mount Hermon, 03 Feb 2021

Major Khatri Chhetri KC Kamal

Lt Gen Ishwar Hamal, UNDOF Head of Mission and Force Commander visited the AoR (Area of Responsibility) of Force HQ Infantry Support Unit, NEPCON IX on 3rd February 2020. Lt Col Pankaj Raj Pokharel Commanding Officer of NEPCON IX welcomed the Force Commander on his arrival and, a guard of Honour was presented.

The Force Commander was accompanied to UNP 12A, Hermon Hotel and Hermon base in AoR North respectively. The officers, JCOs and ORs of each UNPs welcomed his arrival and took the opportunity to demonstrate the unique conditions imposed by Mount Hermon. During his visit the FC interacted with all ranks wherein he expressed his pleasure on visiting the UNPs of NEPCON and applauded each solider for performing their duties, tasks and responsibilities in efficient manner although they are facing the unique challenges brought by a winter in the Golan.

While addressing all ranks, the FC highlighted the present circumstances of the mission area and acknowledged the difficulties posed by the global pandemic, COVID-19, to all the contingents peacekeeping with UNDOF. He then encouraged all troops to work more meticulously to fulfill mission mandate following the COVID-19 protocols that have by now become normal. During the visit, FC also inspected the PistenBullys and Skidoo, the snowmobiles in NEPCON.

Selected images from the visit can be found in this gallery.