MCS team visited UNDOF

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26 Jan 2013

MCS team visited UNDOF

January 26, 2013 – A Military Capability Study (MCS) team from UNHQ New York visited UNDOF in order to be briefed in detail about the changing operational situation in the mission area.

The five-member delegation which was led by Col David Barr, Chief of Military Planning Service in the Office of Military Affairs, was tasked to assess the military capability and needs of UNDOF in the light of the recent development in Syria. Members of the delegation include Ms. Judy Hylton, a senior Political Affairs Officer in the Office of Operations together with Col Marcelo Feliciani, LtCol Hagen Peukert, and LtCol Anup Thapa, all from the Office of Military Affairs.

Members of the delegation were given insight information about the subject matter during their visit to UNDOF's both camps on A- and B-Side. Their visit to UNDOF includes a line tours to AUSBATT, PHILBATT, OPs of UNTSO OGG and LOGBATT in Camp Ziouani, where they were able to gain valuable information pertinent to their task from both military peacekeepers and civilian staff.

Delegation members also met with Golan Israeli Liaison Officer (GILO) and Senior Syrian Arab Delegate (SSAD) who gave them their own assessment of the recent development in the area. The MCS team left the mission area packed with firsthand information and better understanding of the reality on the ground. The delegation will subsequently convey its recommendation to UNHQ New York, which would hopefully result in reinforcement of UNDOF's military capabilities hence its ability to fulfill its mandate in the best possible manner.