Visit of Croatian and Slovenian Ambassador

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12 Feb 2013

Visit of Croatian and Slovenian Ambassador

February 11, 2013 – Croatian Ambassador to the State of Israel Mr. Pjer Simunovic visited the 10th Croatian Contingent at the Golan Heights.

He was accompanied by the Slovenian Ambassador Ms. Alenka Suhadolnik.

The visit started at 11:00 hrs when Lt I Hrvoje Bajic, Company Commander 3rd Coy/AB, welcomed the Croatian Ambassador with a Guard of Honor at a site close to the entrance of Camp Ziouani. Following the arrival of the Force Commander of UNDOF, Mgen. Singha, the VIP guest was then hosted at the Officers Mess, where MGen Singha explained in detail the current situation that impacts on UNDOF peacekeepers, especially on the Croatian soldiers in the area of AUSBATT's 3rd Company.

The meeting was also attended by the National Contingent Commanders of Austria and Croatia, LtCol Paul Schneider and Maj Mile Vukicevic respectivey, as well as the Croatian Minister-Counselor, Mrs. Tina Krce and Honorary Consul in Israel, Mr. Ran Fuchs. During discussions with UNDOF high ranking officers, the visitors exchanged views and perspectives about the increasingly tensed political and security situation at the Golan Heights and its reprecussion on UNDOF mission.

MGen Singha praised the invaluable contribution of the Croatian contingent pointing out the high level of professionalism and discipline of its commanders and soldiers. MGen Singha went further to explain to the visitors the motives that govern UNDOF operations, namely transparency and impartiality. On his part, the Croatian Ambassador highlighted the importance of Croatia and its role and contribution to world peace and security through participation in peacekeeping operations around the world. Afterwards the distinguished guests were invited to the Golan Club, where a special Croatian buffet was provided.

Currently 97 members of the Croatian Contingent serve within UNDOF mission, the majority in the Austrian Battalion, 3rd Company. Further members serve as Staff Officers like CMPO, SSO Ops or Ops Officer in UNDOF Headquarters.