Medal Parade INDCON, UNDOF

Parade providing Guard Of Honor.
A/FC Brig. Gen. Maureen O'Brien with Lt. Col. Suhel Nagarkar to attend the Parade
Parade Inspection by A/FC Brig. Gen. Maureen O'Brien, UNDOF.

Parade Inspection by A/FC Brig. Gen. Maureen O'Brien, UNDOF.

A/FC Brig. Gen. Maureen O'Brien, CMS Mr. Bernard Lee and COS Col. Martin Alvarez saluting the Parade.
A/FC UNDOF Brig Gen Maureen O'Brien speech for INDCON troops.
INDCON, UNDOF Medal Parade, 2020.
A/FC Adressing the Parade.
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8 Jun 2020

Medal Parade INDCON, UNDOF

The INDCON Medal Day Parade for the 2nd Rotation INDCON, LOGCOY was held on 29th May 2020 in Camp Faouar UNDOF HQ.

The parade was commanded by Maj Mohit Jatain, SM** with a total strength of three Officers, three WOs and 25 Other Ranks. The Chief Guest for the ceremony was Brig Gen Maureen O’Brien A/FC, UNDOF. The ceremony seen Officers, WOs and Other Ranks from the Indian Contingent receiving the UNDOF Peacekeepers Medal for the services rendered for a period of 06 months.

During the ceremony Brig Gen Maureen O’Brien, A/FC, UNDOF congratulated all the troops present on the parade who were receiving the UNDOF Medal. Brig Gen Maureen O’Brien also thanked the Indian Contingent for its hard work and dedication during their 06 months tour of duty. The A/FC also mentioned that Logistics is a very specific task and the Indian Contingent very meticulously gave justice to the task in hand and wished a continued support from the Indian Contingent in the future endeavors.