NEPCON VII Conduct CIMIC Program in Arneh Village Schools.

17 Oct 2019

NEPCON VII Conduct CIMIC Program in Arneh Village Schools.

NEPCON VII  deployed to UNDOF Mission Area from 12 Oct, 2018 and has already spent its one year tenure by performing various Operation duty as per the Mandate.

To strengthen the good will between NEPCON and the local community and also to encourage the students to study, NEPCON  conducted a small CIMIC program in the Village of  Arneh and its local School on the  14th October, 2019. The CIMIC program was to distribute various sports equipment and  stationary items for the students of local schools in Arneh village. Not only that, but also to provide Smart Tablets for the students who scored high marks in the recent  National State Examination was also included in the program with the aim of  boosting the morale of those students and also to inspire the other students.

The CIMIC Program was conducted with the consent of SSAD authorities. The program was organized in Esamabo Akel School of Arneh in the presence of SSAD Civil Coordinator Mr Abu Ali and Capt Hasan. Mayor of Arneh Village Mohamad Abo Kais, NEPCON Commander Lt Col Dambar Bahadur Darlami, the Principal of Esamabo Akel School Mr Basam Masoud, and SSOCOPS (SNO Nepal) Lt Col Santosh Karki. Teachers from other schools (Mohamad Abo Assaly and Issan Abo Akal), SSAD Liaison Officer to NEPCON, Officers from NEPCON, Staff Officers from UNDOF HQ and students as well as teachers were also present on the scene.

Program was conducted in a very coordinated and systematic way. The happy and smiling face of all the students and teachers was the symbol of success of the CIMIC program conducted by NEPCON. NEPCON  hopes this type of CIMIC program will continue and  the relationship between local society and the NEPCON contingent and will also open the way to perform other CIMIC activities by other contingents also.