Force Commanders Statement regarding the current situation – Update November 2012

19 Nov 2012

Force Commanders Statement regarding the current situation – Update November 2012

UNDOF is observing the drastic changes in the security situation in its area of responsibility and is aware of the events and incidents particularly in the southern part of the Area of Separation, which entails that UNDOF's area of responsibility is already heavily affected by the infighting.

Recently UNDOF was accused on the internet of helping the Syrian Arab Armed Forces (SAAF) by using UNDOF vehicles and equipment to transport governmental troops. UNDOF vigorously protests that the Syrian Forces are using vehicles colored similar to our vehicles. Moreover, UNDOF denies these accusations categorically and condemns such baseless accusations which further undermine the security and stability in the area. As a result of this protests those vehicles were subsequently removed by the Syrian Forces.

In the light of the above, I want to emphasize that UNDOF's credibility is based on its impartiality and ability to effectively implement its mandate. UNDOF will continue to carry out its duties and to meet its statement, based on UN Security Council Resolution 350. UNDOF strictly adheres to the implementation of the mandate and does not interfere or involve itself in the internal affairs of Syria. We will continue with our key tasks of monitoring, observing and reporting on our area of responsibility.

For our own security UNDOF is closely monitoring the situation in and around the area of responsibility and prepared to act immediately with respect to force protection measures to ensure the safety of its military and civilian staff. With regard to the current situation and due to fighting inside our area of responsibility, UNDOF increased its measures for self-protection.

As for the delivery of humanitarian relief, UNDOF is in touch wi