Golan Journal - "Operations in the face of Covid-19"

Golan Journal Oct - Dec 2020
17 Dec 2020

Golan Journal - "Operations in the face of Covid-19"

UNDOF has today published its quarterly periodical "Golan - The UNDOF Journal" - the first since March 2018. Since then, a lot has changed in the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced all UN Peacekeeping missions to adapt, innovate and overcome. Those who served with UNDOF prior to 2020 would undoubtedly see significant differences in how the mission operates today, but would be satisfied that our operations and presence in the AO has remained thoroughly capable of achieving its mandate.

We hope, in this issue of Golan, to highlight just how this is achieved. An editorial theme of ‘UNDOF Operations in the face of Covid-19’ will, we hope, provide the reader with an appreciation of the challenges and successes of UNDOF in 2020. As this issue bridges a significant gap, we also took the decision to include some material that was written in that period. Deciding on what content to include was not an easy decision, so we selected those which best displayed the breadth of UNDOF activities over that time. And of course, the issue would not be complete without a tribute to Major General Francis Vib-Sanziri, RIP.

Lt Gen Ishwar Hamal, Head of Mission and Force Commander UNDOF, welcomed the publication, stating:

"It gives me immense pleasure to write this message for the quarterly professional publication and a mouthpiece of UNDOF, “Golan – the UNDOF Journal.” I am extremely excited in launching the 155th edition of this journal, which is being published after a long interval of more than two and half years. Since its establishment, UNDOF has always endeavored to maintain the ceasefire between Israel and the Syrian Arab Republic and continue to preserve stability on the Golan during these 46 years. UNDOF has been successfully implementing its mandate by supervising the Disengagement Agreement and protocol with regard to the areas of separation and limitation as well as by actively liaising with the parties while ensuring utmost impartiality."

Golan - The UNDOF Journal is available to browse, download and share here.